Course registration opens and runs on the following days:

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Limited Enrollment.  We practice social distancing.

Course Content:

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Local anaesthetic techniques and pain management
  • Isolation, access and canal location
  • Root canal anatomy
  • Management of glide path, working length, calcified canals
  • Troubleshooting – ledging, perforations and other problems
  • Instrumentation concept, design and techniques (several rotary systems will be available)
  • Optimal irrigation and obturation
  • Case review and management of difficult situations


  • One day course
  • Maximum sitting 10 doctors
  • Ratio of endodontist to participant is 1:5
  • 55% hands on with extracted teeth (provided by the participant) and 45% didactic
  • 8 CE credits 

Each station is equipped with:

  • Microscope (You may bring your loupes as well)
  • ProMark electrical endo motor
  • Endoactivator
  • A large variety of access burs
  • HVE, air/water syringe at each station
  • Air high and slow speed hand pieces
  • Hand files, paper points,Gutta percha
  • Calamus dual system for obturation
  • Irrigation syringes
  • Rotary Wave One, Vortex Blue, ProTaper Gold, ProGlider, Typhoon, KontrolFlex, HyFlex EDM and TF Adaptive files will be provided 
  • Endodontic ultrasonic unit and ultrasonic tips
  • Digital radiography for quality assurance (not at every station but will be shared)


  • Pacific Endodontics Hands-On Vancouver has no financial gain from any of the products used or mentioned in our course
  • No sales representatives will be present during the course


Root canal treatment is like playing a musical instrument. It takes time, knowledge and the right tools! If you aren’t playing the same musical instrument every day, your performance with that instrument can be limited.  Having the latest gadgets is not a replacement for consistent practice but can certainly enhance your efficiency and efficacy in the office. Pacific Endodontics Hands-On Vancouver is dedicated to providing you with the latest industry advancements and knowledge.

Course Location:

#302- 145 West 15th Street North Vancouver

V7M 1R9